After 30 years of experience in the health care field as an activity co-ordinator and nurse, it is my continuing personal mission to advocate and promote meaningful opportunities for others.

I feel there is ample opportunity to enhance the lives of the elderly and others with music whether it be for easy listening, sing-a-longs, or therapeutic reasons.

Throughout my years of experience many memorable moments happened with music. Music can help with the emotional and social needs of individuals and can help with communication/memory in the cognitive impaired.

This music assists in meeting the holistic needs of our aboriginal people through the enjoyment of music whether it be provided on an individual basic, at a personal care home, or at one of our community elders gatherings.





The Belief of I.D.E.A.

Promote a feeling of self worth

Allows a renewing music experience

Enjoyable moments for a sing-a-long as an individual or as a group

Enhances spirituality

Encourages reminiscing of some old time favorites

Encourages exercises and movement

Easy listening for fun and relaxation

Creates happiness

A therapeutic experience

Assisting Residential Survivors in meeting their wellness

Spiritual hymns for palliative care and memorial services

Benefit to those at:


Personal care homes

Lodges and senior housing complexes

Community groups


Family gatherings

Alzheimer clients


First Nations communities